Aspects to Consider When Shopping for a Cloud Computing Vendor


If you move your business operations to a cloud, you would be able to concentrate more on your business. This is because cloud computing service providers would manage demanding IT tasks such as maintenance, backup, and security on your behalf. Such a move would also help you cut on costs because you would not need to invest in in-house IT hardware and IT personnel. What should you consider when choosing such a service provider?

You need a vendor that is an authority in this industry. This means you should focus on service providers that can show proof of successful deployments. Ensuring that you are not the first client to implement the specific configuration you are seeking to implement is important. It is advisable that you ask your choice vendor for references. Reading reviews about a potential vendor would also help you determine if they are worth your time.

Security is an important factor to consider. You need a service provider that meets all security compliance requirements. Understand that your business would be answerable to regulators, customers, business partners, and employees. To be on the safe side, focus on vendors who have a working approach regarding providing comprehensive security. Get to know if the firm can meet your specific needs as far as security is concerned.

Do not sign any contract without inquiring about disaster recovery. It would be a mistake to assume that disasters happen only to other people. Your potential vendor has to provide comprehensive answers regarding how effective their disaster recovery plans are. It is integral to ensure that the firm usually tests those plans regularly. It is also important to choose a firm that guarantees real time recovery.

Ask regarding trials. A service provider that is sure of the quality of their services would not shy away from offering free trial programs. Testing the concept before signing any agreement would help you determine whether you are getting more value for your money. It is important to inquire about service charges, as well. You need to check the firm’s pricing structure to determine if it is one you can work with.

Client support is a primary factor to consider for this Regime Change. A reliable service provider should be available to offer technical support round the clock. It is advisable that you focus on service providers who you can get through to via telephone. Ensure that the firm would be able to offer help within an acceptable timeframe too.

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